Artist Studio

artiststudioCreated over four decades, Ann Norton’s works in bronze, stone and wood inhabit the studio like a forest alluring the visitor to explore and feel her artistic spirit. Guests are greeted by larger than life models, armatures, and studies that evolved into her monumental works in granite and brick found throughout the gardens.

Ann’s northern cedar wooden structures are profoundly modern yet evoke a time forgotten. She selected the material often used by the Indians of the Northwest for their totem poles. As she noted in an article in the New York Times in 1978, “I use everything – the cracks in the wood, the knots, and the gnarls. I like my work to flow together with nature.”

Artist Studio

“A wonderful treasure”

Photos cannot do this garden justice.

The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens is listed on the National Register of Historic Places


The Gardens Conservancy is Dedicated to Preserving the Historic Beauty of The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

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