Art & Healthy Hearts

Art & Healthy Hearts in the Gardens
Programmatic Initiative to be held once during each seasonal exhibition

Art and Healthy Hearts in the Gardens is an interactive and immersive program designed to embrace the philosophy that the arts can significantly enrich the lives of disadvantaged children and the belief that the more students are actively engaged in their learning, the more lasting knowledge they will gain.

This program promotes Ann Norton’s vision for art and gardens in a two-acre urban preserve which is accessible to everyone. Each season, ANSG features the work of four visiting artists which complements Ann Norton’s permanent sculptures and vast gardens as the subject of each educational experience. ANSG invites children to spend the morning viewing the exhibition, learning about the artist, and making their own amazing works of art. The children’s “masterpieces” are carefully exhibited in Ann Norton’s historic home – offering an opportunity for the children to be personally recognized.

In partnership with the American Heart Association and Whole Foods, students enjoy a wholesome and heart-healthy Rainbow Salad Bar for lunch and lessons about the positive benefits of healthy and tasty food right from the garden.



“A wonderful treasure”

Photos cannot do this garden justice.

The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens is listed on the National Register of Historic Places


The Gardens Conservancy is Dedicated to Preserving the Historic Beauty of The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

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