Art & Healthy Hearts in the Gardens (1-2)
Held four times during each seasonal exhibition

Florida Standards: VA, LA, SC

Art and Healthy Hearts in the Gardens is an interactive and immersive program for 1,000 Title 1 students designed to embrace the philosophy that art plays a critical role in academic development.

This STEAM initiative creatively illustrates the powerful intersection of art and well-being that suggests that if creativity is the power that motivates art, food is the fuel that powers the body for every creative journey.  Our living museum is home to both Ann Norton’s striking monumental sculptures and a thriving subtropical ecosystem, Students gather in our outdoor classroom, for an elaborate display and discussion by the American Heart Association, revealing how our nutritious food grows, and the benefits to incorporating healthy eating habits.  Students will enjoy a rainbow salad with tasty and healthy ingredients grown from the garden.  Inside, students are given exclusive access to our gallery’s art in exhibition, representing meticulously curated displays of diverse color, size, shape, and origin. This incredible program also provides the unusual opportunity to not just study world class art exhibits, but to engage with artists themselves, describing to students firsthand their own experiences and influences.

As a feature of this program, students create their own “masterpieces” in Ann Norton’s studio, surrounded by her original carvings, sculptures, drawings and tools.  By allowing this in-depth, hands-on learning, we encourage students to think critically and decide for themselves their own definitions of art. The day culminates with the display of the students’ work in the gallery, proving that even the youngest students can express themselves and are empowered through art.


In partnership with the American Heart Association, students enjoy a wholesome and heart-healthy Rainbow Salad Bar for lunch and lessons about the positive benefits of healthy and tasty food right from the garden.

Art and Healthy Hearts in the Garden is made possible through the generosity of the
Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation Arts & Culture Fund of the CFPBMC


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Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens
253 Barcelona Rd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: (561) 832-5328

November – June:
Wed – Sun, 10 am – 4 pm
Members: Free
Visitors: Adult $15
Senior: $10
Child/Student: $7