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It was Ann Weaver Norton’s (1905-1982) specific intention that her historic home, artist studio and rare palm gardens be left for the enjoyment and education of the community. The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens’ (ANSG) strives to preserve and provide cultural opportunities to all populations through innovative educational programming, incorporating the visual arts, environmental awareness and interpretive history of Ann Weaver Norton. A field trip to ANSG, with its rich history, culture and unique hands-on field experience, can have a sustainable and positive impact on student achievement. ANSG offers students an innovative way to apply creative, critical and strategic thinking in a unique and challenging environment.

ANSG tours tell the story of Ann Norton’s life, her creative influences, her artwork and how she came to live in West Palm Beach, FL. The Gardens environment teaches to multiple intelligences and is interdisciplinary in nature. Students will gain an understanding of the artistic mediums and techniques Norton utilized to create her sculptures as well as those of visiting artists. Additionally, they will discover the native plants, creatures and species of rare palms noted throughout the Gardens. The property is so diverse that all guests can find something to connect with in this local and national treasure.

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens is proud to partner with the Perry J. Cohen Foundation.

Sunshine State Standards Curriculum Connections:

Visual Arts/ Language Arts/Environmental Science/Engineering/Math


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Language Arts and Visual Arts Curriculum Environmental Science Curriculum

General tours featuring visiting exhibitions

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Literacy Day in the Gardens >
November, 2021

Garden Day >
February, 2022

Earth Day >
April 22, 2022


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