Thompson M. Mayes – Why We Love Old Places

Thompson Mayes –Author of Why Old Places Matter & Chief Legal officer and General Counsel of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

Tom Mayes, of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, will explore through an illustrated presentation how places evoke feelings of belonging, continuity, stability, identity and memory, as well as the more traditional reasons that old places have been deemed by society to be important such as history, national identity, and architectural merit. Whether you’re an architect or a community organizer, gain insights that will help you help others to express the ways that old places matter to them, and guide future directions for people-centered historic preservation.

Tom Mayes has written and spoken widely on why old places matter to people, as well as preservation easements, shipwreck protection, historic house museums, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and preservation public policy. For many years, he taught historic preservation law at the University of Maryland Graduate Program in Historic Preservation. In 2013, Tom received the National Endowment for the Arts Rome Prize in Historic Preservation and wrote a book titled Why Old Places Matter.